Да! Много раз.
So far I haven't finished reading any books on English. Over month I have been reading Mary Poppins. Sometimes it's amazing and truly cool. A lot of new words, laconic clexer sentenses and idioms. The part about Cow and Falling Star is like a poem or fairytale.

" And she began to live her usual life. At first she enjoyed it very much. She was glad to eat her breakfast without dancing. She lay down in the grass and slept peacefully at night.

But one night she began to feel uncomfortable. She wanted something else. But she couldn't understand what it was. At last she understood it. It was the star."

Simple phrases, repeats... it makes a magic. Maybe only for me.

"And now she is walking down Cherry Tree Lane," Jane said.
"Yes," said Michael, "she is looking for her star."

First post in English for my great English teacher for right side of me.

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