Да! Много раз.
I see, I need a new 'theme-word' for interpals ^^)

So. I joined there six days ago. And what I found for now.

- I have a three person for every\every two days talking. They are interesting and different. One girl who draws and is English translator. The second guy-engeneer from Greek who likes Russian and dislike a racism. And Romanian which studyes Russian.
Ou, and I forget about my Berlin companion who said a very small information for me. :(

- My English inside my brains is growing this week. I think in English more and more. And for speaking it works too!

- I put to my active vocabulary a few new words and constructions.

- It's a bonus - now I have a good motivation to learn "blind-typing" method.

- Yep, I study every day!

I'm finding to way for saving this learning wish for a period longer then two weeks, two months.

@темы: welcome, шляпа