Да! Много раз.
I understand that a lot of news stay at the VK-dialogs. So I'm going to place its here too. For history of my life and improving.
Today I had one more English lesson and now I have to use a lot future and past perfect\continuous forms) So when I will(?) come home my friend will be preparing for his Saturday bicycle race.
And also we've started a personality vocabulary so now I can say that I'm a kind and sensitive girl)

I have had a short good bicycle trip)
We were near Untolovskiy zapovednik)
Rode under Big Road (ЗСД) and then went left in the forest because there were a canal. Finding a way abroad we rode throw very wet earth and leafs, roots and branches. It was amazing! Like another kind of sport when you have to forget using a saddle)))

And that day was too sunny! But on the evening in the park where we finished there were a small sand storm)
The wind blew very hard!
And next day I went with my friends to nature to 200km from our city. There were good people and nice nature, forest, hills, dam with waterfall! I can send you some photo later)
The place's called Petäjärvi (fin.)

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